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Say It Ain’t So!

Just when I was getting all excited for Portland to get our very first H&M store later this year, I have to go and read this:  Slashing More Than Prices

It’s 2010, don’t we know better than this now people?!  Apparently H&M doesn’t give a crap about poor people in need of clothing or the environment, slashing up unsold clothes and filling up landfills.  Just please don’t tell me kids in Bangladesh are stitching up these discarded duds too!  Well, at least they do say on their site that if they find out one of their suppliers is using child labor, they’ll work to find a solution that’s in the “best interest of the child,” whatever that means, and if child labor is found a second time they’ll end the relationship with the supplier.

It’s hard being a conscious consumer. Oh well, I’ll just keep digging in the GWO bins to avert unnecessary guilt.