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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve had a few good days of warm weather and sunshine around here, making me want to get outside and help things grow!

I’ve enjoyed watching things bloom, like the Irises:

and Lilies outside my window:

and these sweet little Columbines:

What really gets me excited about gardening though are things like this:

The strawberries are coming!  I know these berries have been on sale in the grocery stores for over a month now, but seriously, nothing compares to eating your own homegrown strawberries.  I’ve already been fantasizing about things to make, including strawberry jam.  Mmmm, can’t wait!

I’ve also started this year’s parsley (named Rooty Huxtable for obvious reasons):

Soon we’ll also be planting tomatoes, basil and squash!

I also re-started the compost pile over the weekend, so I think my inner farmer has officially been released for the season!


Lazy Gourmet: Mushroom Ravioli & Green Beans

It’s Glee night and I wasn’t in the mood to hang in the kitchen for long when there’s Madonna Glee to be watched!

So dinner tonight is Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli and green beans.  It took about 20 minutes total.  I love a quick, tasty, healthy and inexpensive dinner.

Just boil some water and throw the raviolis in for about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile I found a large bag of frozen organic green beans, so put a bit of oil in a pan, sautéed onions and a few cloves of garlic with some thyme and basil and then added  the beans.  When the raviolis were done I just put on a little olive oil, sea salt and cashews.