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Treehugger Notebooks

Need a notebook? Want to ease the guilt of killing innocent trees? Check out my new Treehugger Notebooks on Etsy made from recycled paper and recycled vinyl samples.

MeggieKate on Etsy

Oh and they’re refillable too! Available in cornflower, chartreuse and sage.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve had a few good days of warm weather and sunshine around here, making me want to get outside and help things grow!

I’ve enjoyed watching things bloom, like the Irises:

and Lilies outside my window:

and these sweet little Columbines:

What really gets me excited about gardening though are things like this:

The strawberries are coming!  I know these berries have been on sale in the grocery stores for over a month now, but seriously, nothing compares to eating your own homegrown strawberries.  I’ve already been fantasizing about things to make, including strawberry jam.  Mmmm, can’t wait!

I’ve also started this year’s parsley (named Rooty Huxtable for obvious reasons):

Soon we’ll also be planting tomatoes, basil and squash!

I also re-started the compost pile over the weekend, so I think my inner farmer has officially been released for the season!

Say It Ain’t So!

Just when I was getting all excited for Portland to get our very first H&M store later this year, I have to go and read this:  Slashing More Than Prices

It’s 2010, don’t we know better than this now people?!  Apparently H&M doesn’t give a crap about poor people in need of clothing or the environment, slashing up unsold clothes and filling up landfills.  Just please don’t tell me kids in Bangladesh are stitching up these discarded duds too!  Well, at least they do say on their site that if they find out one of their suppliers is using child labor, they’ll work to find a solution that’s in the “best interest of the child,” whatever that means, and if child labor is found a second time they’ll end the relationship with the supplier.

It’s hard being a conscious consumer. Oh well, I’ll just keep digging in the GWO bins to avert unnecessary guilt.