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Cake Balls Are Evil…

But oh so delicious!  O.M.G.

I’ve been drooling over variations on the cake ball theme on Bakerella’s site and decided to have a go at making them this weekend (mainly because people were coming over that I could pawn off my experimental baking onto).

I started with  Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Ball Recipe.  Although, I actually used a chocolate cake mix and skipped adding any red food coloring since I figured no one would really miss the color.

Pioneer Woman has a great pictorial on making Cake Balls/Pops too. I love her anal retentive way of  showing the whole process of making things, but personally my hands were way too messy to pick up a camera until the end.  PW uses a fork to break up the cake, Bakerella I think, suggests a food processor – me I like my hands.  I also used a potato masher to easily and quickly mix the crumbled cake and icing smoothly.  Plus it’ll work your triceps before you start popping these things like a cake ball eatin fool!

These are like poor man’s truffles.  So delicious…so evil…especially since they’re so pop-able.  I’m pretty sure that these are only going to get made for holidays from now on, but I’m excited about all the possibilities of flavors and decorations.  Just as long as I can keep them from going in my mouth.