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pistachio petit-four cake | smitten kitchen

Um, I think I just found my birthday cake for this year.

pistachio petit-four cake | smitten kitchen.

She had me at “It involved all of the best things on earth: a pistachio layer cake, thin ribbons of jam, sheets of marzipan and bitter-chocolate ganache filling and coating.”

I will now drool myself to sleep.


Cake Balls Are Evil…

But oh so delicious!  O.M.G.

I’ve been drooling over variations on the cake ball theme on Bakerella’s site and decided to have a go at making them this weekend (mainly because people were coming over that I could pawn off my experimental baking onto).

I started with  Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Ball Recipe.  Although, I actually used a chocolate cake mix and skipped adding any red food coloring since I figured no one would really miss the color.

Pioneer Woman has a great pictorial on making Cake Balls/Pops too. I love her anal retentive way of  showing the whole process of making things, but personally my hands were way too messy to pick up a camera until the end.  PW uses a fork to break up the cake, Bakerella I think, suggests a food processor – me I like my hands.  I also used a potato masher to easily and quickly mix the crumbled cake and icing smoothly.  Plus it’ll work your triceps before you start popping these things like a cake ball eatin fool!

These are like poor man’s truffles.  So delicious…so evil…especially since they’re so pop-able.  I’m pretty sure that these are only going to get made for holidays from now on, but I’m excited about all the possibilities of flavors and decorations.  Just as long as I can keep them from going in my mouth.