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Christmas in July Sale!

Have I mentioned that I’ve been building up my Etsy shop?  What’s that you say?  I’ve been completely remiss in promoting my own Etsy shop on my very own blog?  That’s crazy talk!

My new and improved Etsy shop currently has my fine art photography prints for sale.  These are available in a variety of sizes and for a limited time in July I’m offering 20% off orders!  Between now and July 22, just enter the coupon code CIJPDX to get the discount.

You can also check out my fellow PDX Etsy team member’s sales here. Happy Shopping!


Treehugger Notebooks

Need a notebook? Want to ease the guilt of killing innocent trees? Check out my new Treehugger Notebooks on Etsy made from recycled paper and recycled vinyl samples.

MeggieKate on Etsy

Oh and they’re refillable too! Available in cornflower, chartreuse and sage.

Decompressing From Awesome

I’m still in the process of decompressing from the Summit of Awesome!  My brain is still pulsing with millions of creative ideas and I just wanted to say how, well…AWESOME it was!  I’ve never felt so inspired to get my crafty act together.

It was an overwhelmingly great experience and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for winning a raffle to attend in the first place.  Having been unemployed for a year now it was truly wonderful to connect with the crafty community.  I hope we Portland based crafters can carry on the momentum from the event, as I think we all could use the community and positive reinforcement in our every day lives!

And now, I must sleep…

Summit of Awesome Pics.