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Won’t You Be My Puddin Pie?

What’s for dessert?  Well, puddin pie of course!  Butterscotch Puddin Pie to be precise.  Now, I didn’t have a recipe for this, I just made it up tonight.  Apparently that was somewhat impressive to my house-mates.  Lucky for them, puddin was on sale at Safeway tonight and I love me some butterscotch puddin.  Then I saw graham cracker crusts on sale, and thus dessert was born!

Butterscotch Puddin Pie sounds pretty good but I wanted to take it a step further, and I’ll admit it I’m almost always looking for an excuse to add more chocolate to my diet and had some 100% dark Ghirardelli leftover from cupcake making last week.  So I melted that in our fancy new microwave with a “chocolate melting” function, poured into the bottom of the crust and spread it around.

Next came the puddin.  (I should add here that I threw the chocolate coated crust into the fridge to cool while whisking up the puddin, because I didn’t want to pour the cool puddin onto still warm chocolate.)  Following the box instructions for pie making, I only added 1 & 3/4 cups milk for slightly thicker pie filling.  Next, I took out the cooled off crust and poured in the delicious butterscotch goodness.

Let the pie set in the fridge for at least an hour, mine was in for 2 because I have amazing self-restraint.

Slice it up and add a dollop (I love that word) of Cool Whip or whatever preferred brand of whipped cream you choose.  Yummmola!

Just a Dollop by Nouar


Lazy Gourmet: Mushroom Ravioli & Green Beans

It’s Glee night and I wasn’t in the mood to hang in the kitchen for long when there’s Madonna Glee to be watched!

So dinner tonight is Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli and green beans.  It took about 20 minutes total.  I love a quick, tasty, healthy and inexpensive dinner.

Just boil some water and throw the raviolis in for about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile I found a large bag of frozen organic green beans, so put a bit of oil in a pan, sautéed onions and a few cloves of garlic with some thyme and basil and then added  the beans.  When the raviolis were done I just put on a little olive oil, sea salt and cashews.