It’s Ms. Honey Badger to You

As printed in Erin Parker’s “Am I There Yet?” Newsletter
by Megan Cox – Guest Columnist

While Ms. Parker is busy gallivanting about the world being a sparkling entertainer, I am usually sitting in my grey-walled cubicle dodging
monotonous office work. Earlier this year I read an article stating that “Advertising Account Executive” was among the top 10 most stressful jobs. Even though what advertising professionals do doesn’t exactly matter in the same way that say, pilots and EMTs who havethe fate of human lives in their hands every day do, somehow seeing my line of work in this list somehow justified my nail biting habit a bit. But it’s not just me – we are all clearly a stressed out bunch of people lately.

There are few things that get me through my days. Clandestinely scrolling through Erin’s newsletter on my ipod has been one of them. Other stress relievers include staring deeply into my sprinkle ring, devouring bars of Cadbury dark chocolate, dreaming of one day having my own lavender and blackberry farm, and thinking about what the honey badger would do.

My boyfriend Alex loves watching online videos, mostly of animals doing silly things, preferably cats. Personally, I’ve never been big on this form of entertainment since I find about 98% of amateur videos tobe utterly boring and anti-climatic. I’ve come to realize that video watching is his way of releasing stress. Focusing on things like a cat repeatedly jumping into a box and then out again allows him to let go of his crappy day at work. Me, I prefer
yelling at the other cars on my way home. I always thought watching silly videos was a waste of time, but I guess that getting my road rage on, while cathartic, isn’t exactly the most healthy form of stress release. I’m learning the art of decompressing a little less toxically, but I never knew how much a silly video could affect my life until I was introduced to Randall and his famous honey badger video.

I find it hard to believe by now that there is anyone out there who hasn’t seen this video, but if you haven’t seen it, please, I implore you, go to YouTube now and watch it. FYI, the official video is titled The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall).

Randall’s honey badger isn’t just a funny video; it’s a way of life with the transcendental tagline of “Honey badger don’t care.” I cannot tell you how many
times I have whispered this line to myself as I am starting to get worked up over stupid email or a client’s request that feels like it’s about to ruin my day. I say the words and become one with my inner honey badger. And yes, it really helps to hear those words in a saucy gay tone that implies “I ain’t takin’ any shit from you, stupid.” Not only does honey badger not give a shit, (and why should he? He can get bit by a venomous snake with little consequence) he’s also a total badass, just taking what he wants.

We should all take a little life lesson from the honey badger. Whenever life or work gets you feeling so stressed you want to bang your head
against something, take a deep breath and exhale as you repeat to yourself “Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a shit.” Your world will be a more peaceful place.

4 thoughts on “It’s Ms. Honey Badger to You

  1. Alicia

    Hi Megan,
    I love the photo of the sprinkle ring! I wondered if you happen to purchase it in Portland or San Francisco? I am a maker of such sprinkle jewel and I make thought I’d send you a note or a thank you, in case that is one of my sprinkle creations!
    Either way- thanks for that clever post. Feeling less stressed and more in need of candy.
    -Alicia of FiggyPudding

  2. Alicia

    Oh Fabulous! That would be me- I was there. CW is just around the corner agan, next weekend already. If you come to the event, stop by my booth-I’d love to meet ya. Thanks, again! Viva Sprinkles.


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