The Photo Journey Continues

Last week I was working away on my blog post and suddenly (near the end of my post, naturally) my computer battery decided it didn’t want to be on anymore.  Of course when I logged back on, only the beginning photos and text had been saved.  I was so frustrated that I decided not to continue to re-blog the whole thing.  Yep, I quit.

And I let myself be ok with that.  I’m a quitter.  But I haven’t stopped taking pictures!!

I think I’ve started to become a better photographer already because of it.  I’m literally seeing things in a different light, realizing that some of the pictures I thought were awesome, actually needed more light and noticing that all the lights in our living room / kitchen have a yellow tint to them.  I’m on a lighting mission now.

I’ve even (with the help of my wonderfully assisting boyfriend) figured out how to do a custom white balance on my camera.  It’s amazing what you can learn when you actually read the manual!  I’ve always been averse to reading instructions – I like to dive right in and play with something.  Usually I figure things out eventually, granted it takes a little more time but that’s just my way I suppose.  Luckily for me I have a partner who likes to read the instructions!  And so I now have this photo of m lovely Tête-à-Tête Daffodils.

While most of the rest of the country has been digging out of their snow dump, we got some glorious sunshine this week.  Of course I was working most of the time, but did get out in the sun for my lunch breaks.  It is my opinion that if the rest of the country gets snow days, then Portland should get sun days in the winter to soak up the vitamin D!

What does it mean when I see my own shadow on Groundhog Day?  It means the sun is shining in Stumptown!

By Friday we were back to rain.  You know you’ve lived in Oregon a while when you begin to appreciate the rain.  I walked out of the office on Friday and took a deep breath of balmy, evergreen infused rain soaked air.  It was delicious.

That night, driving in the dark, Alex and I spotted a tree that appeared to have blooms on it.  It actually turned out to be these seed pods, which I spotted around town in various yards the next day.  I think they’re raspberry or blackberry pods.

I officially have spring fever!  Last night after browsing through my newly delivered Territorial Seed Company catalog, I decided I couldn’t bear to wait for seed packets to arrive in the mail, so I went to the store to pick out a few garden necessities.  I was pleasantly surprised to find rosemary and lavender plants!  I’m excited about all the new plants I’ve purchased lately and thinking about plans for my garden in our new place this year.

I’ve simultaneously been reading two books lately: Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes and Farm City by Novella Carpenter.  I had the pleasure of reading Farm City in my car with the sun warming me during one of our Sun-days here.  It’s a fascinating and dramatic tale of an urban farmer in Oakland.  It’s got me thinking about how to get my own urban farm going this year.

The idea of being able to grow and raise your own food right in your backyard greatly appeals to me, but don’t worry I’m not ready for chickens yet.  This year I want to branch out of my vegetable safety zone and try some new things.  In the past I have grown tomatoes, zucchini, basil, parsley & strawberries.  Yesterday I bought seeds for carrots, spinach and bush beans and I’m excited to see what the results might be.  When you rent (or squat as Carpenter does) your gardening land you have to be prepared not to get attached, which is no easy task when you nurture plants from seed to harvest.

One thought on “The Photo Journey Continues

  1. Judy

    Enjoyed reading your latest photo blog! You have a way with words and pictures both! I especially liked the following image: “I walked out of the office on Friday and took a deep breath of balmy, evergreen infused rain soaked air. It was delicious.”

    I can relate to not wanting to read the instruction manual. I’m a hands on person, too, but sounds like your boyfriend helped you see the light! (get it?) The lighting on the daffodils is quite nice—really makes the image pop!


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