This week in photos: food

When all else fails in the department of inspiration, photograph your food.  It’s January, so that means I don’t feel much like going outside when it’s cold, wet and dark to take pictures.

On Sunday my sweetheart made me eggnog french toast & bacon.  It was delicious!

Monday we stopped at the fancy Fred Meyer on Hawthorne.  I have a weak spot for petit fours.

A couple weeks ago we decided to make homemade vanilla extract.  Here’s the progress so far:

I found Cadbury eggs in the Valentine’s aisle this week and was quite excited.

We’ve been sick since we moved into our new place, so I thought some Phở would do us good.  Turns out there’s an awesome place very close to us called Phở Hung.

Just so you don’t think it’s all Cadbury eggs and petit fours I eat, here is one of the dozens of glasses of water I drank last week.

We had a lovely anniversary dinner at the Gilt Club last night including Moscow Mules, Wild Boar Poppers with Fig Jam, Hanger Steak (him), Scallops (me), Dulce de Leche (him) and Goat Cheese Carrot Cake (me).  It was scrumptious!  We also got a couples massage a few hours before dinner making for a very pleasant day!

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