365 Project

I have one resolution this year – to make 2011 my most creative year ever.  It’s quite the resolution to live up to, but it’s one that I’m actually excited to keep, unlike most of those daunting diet resolutions or what have you.  I’m sorry, it’s January, I’m cold and my body is craving bread pudding!

I realized that I haven’t posted to this blog since I got a job.  Realizing that made me feel like a creative loser, until I said to myself F that thinking it’s a new year and we all deserve a fresh start!

My boyfriend and I just moved in together to a 2 bedroom apartment, just the perfect size for our creative and living needs.  When we first looked at the place, he whispered to me that he thought I should take the 2nd bedroom for my craft room (I think I fell 10x more in love with him right then).

Going back to work this year definitely put the kibosh on my creative output, but  I am determined not to let that continue.  So this year I have decided to embark on a 365 photography project.  I got myself a Canon T2i Rebel for my birthday this year and thought what better way to learn to use it than to make myself pick it up daily?

Photography isn’t the only creative outlet that I want to have this year, but it’s the one thing that I am pushing myself to do daily.  I also intend to learn how to play my organ so I can embark on musical adventures with my boyfriend…

get my craft room organized and start making goods to sell on Etsy, take the glass classes that I’ve already paid for, do more sewing, painting…

& writing, update my blog more regularly.  When I think about all the creative things I want to do it gets a little overwhelming – which I why the only thing I’m being strict with myself about is getting just 1 post-worthy shot out of my camera a day just to get myself going and get those creative juices flowing and see where they may lead me.

Day 1

When I committed to doing the 365 Project on Flickr I thought it would be a breeze, but just a week into it I have already had a couple hard days wondering what I would take a picture of and some negative thinking, but I’ve pushed on through and pleased I’ve made it this far and just know that I’ll be even more happy at the end of the year.  I hope to have a great pictorial chronicle of my year and to grow as a photographer.

Today on Etsy, was Make Something Every Day which gave me a boost of inspiration with tips on how to start your own 365 project. If you want some more inspiration, check out Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life to see what others are doing to fuel their creative fires.

from Valentina Ramos’ Etsy Shop

Here’s to all you imaginative souls – have an awesomely creative new year!

4 thoughts on “365 Project

  1. Dad

    Best to you in these endeavors! I hope that you do keep up with your projects….I enjoy seeing your blog…..not as demented as mine but I enjoy it…..of course I can’t knit….or make merangue….

  2. erin

    I Love Love Love this post. And the pictures. Did you take them all? If so, you’d better send me the file for the cadbury egg one so I can blow it up and hang it in my condo…

    And hoorah for your resolutions. I have subscribed and am looking forward to keeping up with your creativity!


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