Won’t You Be My Puddin Pie?

What’s for dessert?  Well, puddin pie of course!  Butterscotch Puddin Pie to be precise.  Now, I didn’t have a recipe for this, I just made it up tonight.  Apparently that was somewhat impressive to my house-mates.  Lucky for them, puddin was on sale at Safeway tonight and I love me some butterscotch puddin.  Then I saw graham cracker crusts on sale, and thus dessert was born!

Butterscotch Puddin Pie sounds pretty good but I wanted to take it a step further, and I’ll admit it I’m almost always looking for an excuse to add more chocolate to my diet and had some 100% dark Ghirardelli leftover from cupcake making last week.  So I melted that in our fancy new microwave with a “chocolate melting” function, poured into the bottom of the crust and spread it around.

Next came the puddin.  (I should add here that I threw the chocolate coated crust into the fridge to cool while whisking up the puddin, because I didn’t want to pour the cool puddin onto still warm chocolate.)  Following the box instructions for pie making, I only added 1 & 3/4 cups milk for slightly thicker pie filling.  Next, I took out the cooled off crust and poured in the delicious butterscotch goodness.

Let the pie set in the fridge for at least an hour, mine was in for 2 because I have amazing self-restraint.

Slice it up and add a dollop (I love that word) of Cool Whip or whatever preferred brand of whipped cream you choose.  Yummmola!

Just a Dollop by Nouar


One thought on “Won’t You Be My Puddin Pie?

  1. Brandy

    Mmmm this looks yummy! I am not a huge butterscotch fan, but this still looks good. I bet it would be good with any kind of pudding! Thanks for sharing the recipe! 🙂


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